Social Services Involvement with Your Family

There may be times when parents struggle to care for their children, and they may need support and guidance. Often this is linked with other problems, for example with mental health, alcohol or drugs misuse. In these circumstances social services may decide that they need to intervene in the family and children. There will be several options available, and it is important that parents have independent legal advice at the earliest opportunity from experienced Solicitors such as Kings Solicitors.

If there is a risk that social services may go to court to seek an Interim Care Order to remove children from the parents' care, it is important for parents to have independent legal advice and representation at court. It is very important to understand that social services cannot take children away unless they have the parents’ consent by way of a section 20 agreement or a court order. If court proceedings are issued, a parent or someone else with parental responsibility will be entitled to legal aid free of charge and Kings Solicitors are able to help in these circumstances.

Kings Solicitors help and advise parents to decide what is the best course of action and advise them on their rights. We have considerable experience of dealing with families from different backgrounds and cultures, as well families who have mental health, drug and alcohol abuse issues and those with special needs. We recognise that involvement of social services is a difficult and stressful time, and our solicitors are experienced in supporting and advising parents through this exceptionally challenging time.

If Social Services or the Police are seeking to remove your child on an emergency basis outside office hours, please contact our 24hr emergency help line on: 07577 30 40 50 any time for immediate help.

Children taken into care?

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