Criminal Defence

Choosing the Right Solicitor for Your Case

This is probably the most difficult and important decision you will have to make. We do not believe in boasting of our success in previous cases because no two cases are alike, each case has its own unique facts.

Kings Solicitors will not unrealistically raise your expectation, nor do we entice you with phrases such as “we will get you off”. You can be confident of receiving reliable, honest advice and expert representation.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a criminal offence you will need the advice of an experienced criminal Solicitor. With so much at stake, it is important to talk to an experienced Solicitor you can trust and who can advise you of your rights and help mitigate the damage to your reputation, your family, and your future.

Initial consultation with Kings Solicitors is free and confidential with no obligation.

Why should I use Kings Solicitors?

Kings Solicitors believe communication is key to obtaining the best outcome in all cases and to help achieve this we have bi-lingual, male and female Solicitors.

Kings Solicitors have a dedicated team of Criminal Defence Solicitors to progress your case and pride ourselves on always being available to support you and respond to your concerns.

Kings Solicitors deal with the full range of criminal cases from the simple to the most complex. We are aware that the simplest of cases to us will be the most important case to you.

Kings Solicitors have extensive experience of dealing with the full spectrum of cases starting at the Police station and progressing to the Magistrate and Crown Court. Our Solicitors have dealt with appeals in the Court of Appeal, the House of Lords, now the Supreme Court, and even in the European Courts of Justice.

Kings Solicitors commitment to its clients is focused on what our clients will say at the end of their case. We always ask our clients if there was anything more we could have done in their defence. The invariable response from our clients is no.

Being accused of a criminal offence can be a life-shattering event that no one can prepare for.

The shock and embarrassment of being accused of a criminal offence will put you and your family under extreme stress.

We understand that you will be frightened of the risk of going to prison.

The consequence of a conviction means a lifetime of difficulties extending beyond prison and fines. A criminal record can be stigmatising, causing those convicted to be shunned by family and friends and can impact on future prospect of employment and family relations.

Mitigate the Damage

If realistically conviction is inevitable, Kings Solicitors will negotiate with the Prosecution to reduce the charges and sentences and post-conviction implications.

Criminal cases can be resolved through a plea on a basis; Kings Solicitors will negotiate the best possible legal outcome for you.

Consulting with Kings Solicitors

Police and prosecutors work around the clock to build a case that will put suspects behind bars.

The time to consult with Kings Solicitors is immediately you become aware the police intend to interview you or arrest you. Do not wait until after you are interviewed by the police, charged or until trial.

Dedicated and Personalised Advice

We treat each client as an individual taking into account their personal circumstances and take great pride to provide our clients with excellent representation.

Criminal defence work has always been at the heart of this firm and have earned a strong reputation for robustly defending the interests of our clients, whatever the nature of the allegation.

Kings Solicitors provides clear and decisive advice to achieve the best outcome.

You can be confident Kings Solicitors will fight tirelessly on your behalf and this without doubt is likely to significantly impact on the outcome of your case.

If you are being investigated or have been charged with a criminal offence and are unhappy with your current Solicitors contact our experienced Criminal Defence Solicitors for free, confidential, no obligation advice.

We passionately believe case preparation is key to successful outcomes and we believe in leaving no stone unturned in achieving the best result in all cases. This includes the instruction of experts to corroborate your account. This can make all the difference in changing a hopeless case to a successful outcome. It is important to remember a case comes down to evidence not allegations.

Kings Solicitors Criminal Defence Specialist Solicitors are committed to providing consistently high-quality expert advice, which is professional, honest, and reliable based on the strength and weaknesses of your case. We pride our self in taking a no-nonsense straight-talking approach.

Kings Solicitors work tirelessly to provide a FREE round the clock service starting at the Police Station.

All initial consultations are free, confidential and without obligation.

Contact us at 01274 720 417 or 24 hr 07577 30 40 50 or use our online form.

Police Station

Advice and assistance in the police station is free of charge to everyone who is arrested or interviewed by the police, and Kings Solicitors provide representation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Importantly requesting a solicitor will not delay your release and is likely to help achieve the best possible outcome.

Kings Solicitors believe it is essential that everyone under arrest or being interviewed by the police has expert advice because whatever happens at the police station will affect the rest of your case. In virtually every case, requesting legal advice will not delay your release. Our aim is always to avoid you being charged or be in the best possible position at court.

The outcome of the interview will be that you are:

  • released with no further action;
  • charged with an offence; or
  • given an out of court disposal such as a caution or Community Resolution;
  • bailed to return to the police station at a later date; or
  • released under investigation.
  • Magistrates or a jury at the crown court will take into account what you said in interview.

    Advice and assistance at the police station is free to anyone arrested or invited to attend for a voluntary interview. Kings Solicitors provide immediate advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    You can contact Kings Solicitors, free of charge, at any time if a family member or friend has been arrested or is due to attend at the police station.

    Magistrates Court

    Kings Solicitors represent clients in every type of case in the Magistrates’ and Youth Courts. Kings Solicitors understand that there are no second chances at the Magistrates court. Kings Solicitors always provide the best possible advice and representation to make a bail application, conduct a trial or provide mitigation at a sentencing hearing.

    We always strive to achieve the best outcome of your case.

    Crown Court

    Kings Solicitors have vast experience of representing clients facing more serious charges before the Crown Court. You will be represented by an experienced advocate and your case will be fully prepared. Our use of experienced in-house advocates ensures continuity of representation, while we retain access to specialist external counsel when your case demands it.

Arrested or in court?

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