Postal Requisition Offences

What is a postal requisition?

A postal requisition is a summons to attend a Magistrates court.

It informs the defendant the offences they have been charged with and confirm the date and time to attend a particular Magistrates’ Court.

You are likely to receive a postal requisition if you have been for a voluntary police interview or arrested and subsequently released under investigation.

Failure to attend court

Should you fail to attend court in answer to the postal requisition the likely outcome will be that a warrant without bail will be issued for your immediate arrest. This means that the police will arrest and detain you at a police station in order to bring you before the next available sitting Magistrates’ Court. This could be on a Saturday or Bank Holiday and you could spend many hours in custody.

If you have been released under investigation it is extremely important that you check your post regularly and keep the police informed of any change of address to avoid an unnecessary arrest.

If you instruct Kings Solicitors whilst you are released under investigation, then we will make regular contact with the police to ensure that you know what is happening with the investigation. We will keep the police informed on your behalf of any changes of address. We will also be able to tell you when the investigation has been concluded and if you are likely to have to go to court.

Even if we have not advised you in interview, please feel free to contact us afterwards. We will be able to advise you on the likelihood of further interviews and provide the same service to you as we would to those who we represented in interview.

This will ensure that you have representation at this all important first hearing and will have investigated any defence that you might wish to put forward and make an application for legal aid if appropriate.

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