Crown Court

Representation at the Crown Court

Cases in the crown court require preparation well before the trial date. Such preparation entails ensuring that all the relevant information in the case has been considered and evaluated. You will be required to file Defence Statements and give advance notification of the name and address details of defence witnesses to be called by the defence.

Kings Solicitors as part of the preparation of your case will ensure you are fully aware of the evidence against you and the strength and weakness in your case. You will be advised on your plea.

We will instruct experts to assist the defence case and do so in a wide range of financial, cultural, linguistic, engineering and scientific disciplines.

We will instruct a Barrister, with your approval, with the requisite experience and expertise in the offence you are charged with.

We have an excellent working relationship with experienced and highly competent Barristers. Kings Solicitors believe in working as a team with the Barrister and any expert instructed on your behalf to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will ensure you have conferences with your Barrister, so you understand the case against you.

Building a defence for your case

The Crown Prosecution Service seem to have unlimited resources when it comes to investigating and prosecuting a crime.

An experienced and knowledgeable Solicitor is your best tool to preserve and safeguard your rights in the face of adversity.

With expert understanding of the law and the courts, we at Kings Solicitors will build a strong defence.

We will attack and undermine the prosecution’s case by finding and exploiting their weak points in the case against you.

Kings Solicitors will build a strong defence strategy by:

  • Fully investigating the facts of your case;
  • Establishing a statutory defence;
  • Consulting expert witnesses;
  • Challenging the validity of Prosecution:
    • lab results;
    • computer evidence;
    • accounting records;
    • bank statements;
    • accounts of witnesses;
    • cell site evidence;
    • forensic evidence;
    • medical reports;
  • Challenging Prosecution witness credibility and statements;
  • Applying to exclude Prosecution evidence; and
  • Making an abuse of process application
  • We understand your need to have your Solicitor available when you need them. Kings Solicitors are always available for you.

    Our depth of experience and willingness to make the effort to fully investigate and understand the factual minutiae of each case consistently yield successful outcomes. We even the playing field by never passing on an opportunity to advocate for our client. Our dedication to our client is complete.

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