Serious or Complex Fraud

Are you frustrated? Confused? You don't understand if you are getting the correct or best advice for your case.

For example, you are not sure if you should proceed to trial or enter an early guilty plea?

You don't understand why you are being asked to enter a guilty plea.

You don't understand the strength of evidence the CPS or prosecuting authorities have against you.

You have not been told or do not understand the weakness and risks in your case going to trial.

You are worried about giving evidence and being cross examined in court.

You don't understand what is happening in your case.

Are you unsatisfied with the advice being given to you by your solicitor in relation to your criminal case or prosecution?

Is your case being mismanaged by your existing solicitors?

Are you unhappy with the level of service from your existing solicitors?

Your existing solicitor is not instructing the experts needed to undermine the prosecution case.

What do we offer for a second opinion?

We can offer you a free, confidential and no obligation consultation at which we will provide you with a second opinion.

We believe trust in your solicitor matters and is essential where the outcome of a criminal prosecution can have a devastating effect on you, your family, business and reputation and can last longer than the sentence imposed by the court.

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